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Sikh temple application rejected-An Appeal 

A Sikh community in Oxford very likely to
succeed in appeal provided….

Balbir Singh Sooch-Sikh Vichar Manch on When every home is a gurdwara, when is it a home?
A Sikh community in Oxford (About 30 people attended the makeshift temple once a week) is very likely to succeed in appeal provided they (Sikhs) assure and undertake not to make a noise and find the solution for parking permanently to the satisfaction of the council and the residents who sent seven letters of objection and a petition of 92 signatures against plans to allow the house to continue to be used as a temple.

Here in my country, if anyone dares to complaint in such cases on the similar grounds of noise and the nuisance due to parking etc, he (Complainant) is troubled more with the help of influential and in connivance with administration and local police concerned. In addition to it, he is also degraded in the eyes of society by levelling him non-relgious and so on till he does not keep quite in the matter. 

Sometime, the worshippers make loud noise even during odd hours by top of their voice through loud speakers from the religious places in order to annoy and provoke residents for the reasons always known to the worshippers/management in such cases as experienced. 

Such aggreived persons normally here in my country, tolerate all types of noise and nuisance (live in by facing mental agony without any remedy) to save themselves from levelling non-relgious and so on and  opt to remain silent but it is not the case in that system. 

But there Sikhs have to be more disciplined as worshippers if they are really nowhere to go. 

My suggestions may help my Sikh community  there to succeed in appeal. 

Balbir Singh Sooch,
Jan 24, 2009
6:44 PM (Emailed) 

Sikh temple application rejected-An Appeal


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