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Balbir Singh Sooch
birth: March 2, 1950

Post Graduate, M.A. in Political Science and Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) from Panjab University, Chandigarh, a practising lawyer since 1984, human rights activist in his own right and being a writer of the masses, Balbir Singh Sooch has authored a book titled ‘Samen Da Sachch’ (Sikh Dukhant) exposing the faithlessness and hypocrisy of planted Sikh leaders. His work, ‘Why India Is Devoid Of Rule Of Law?’ is very much appreciated by various leading personalities. THE CENTRAL VIGILANCE COMMISSIONER, Government of India, Mr. N. VITTAL, in a goodwill message to the author, said, “I thank you very much for your thought provoking note on WHY INDIA IS DEVOID OF RULE OF LAW? I am sure the note will help sensitise the people about the realities of the situation and motivate them to fight corruption.” D.O. No. CVC/2000/ 1439 Dated: November 9, 2000.

Because of his open-mindedness and independent attitude, God bestowed him an opportunity as a Short Term International Election Observer for the first Constituent Assembly Election, Nepal. 

A fairly long period of practice as an Advocate has added to his personal knowledge about the degeneration of the political system, which has virtually, usurped the powers of the judiciary. In turn, the judiciary seems to have lost its lustre, due to obvious weaknesses. 

Born in Village Sandhu Khurd, District Bathinda, Panjab in a middle class rural agriculturist family of Malwa region, he understands the miseries and difficulties of the not-so-rich rural populace, which he believes, is being exploited by the urban commercial sector in collaboration with the bureaucracy and the judiciary. 

Though remained very busy and regular in his studies, yet he was never tempted to be greedy for heavy financial gains. This disqualification has, of course, in the prevailing corrupt system, added to his miseries and instability at home and in society for some time. 

Remembering his good days passed in partially joint family despite many odds, he gives full credit to his household companion, Smt. Surinder Kaur Sooch for ensuring a happy married life. She provided best possible service within available means for looking after her children namely Baljit Singh, Paramjit Kaur & Kamaljeet Kaur till their possible settlement in life. In the home, his life partner proved a Champion, with his cooperation. He has also served as technician in Indian Air Force till 1984 and after completion of his initial term of engagement, secured some pensionary benefits to last for his old age as well. 

The Author started his studies in his Village School and completed his Primary education at Barnala (District Sangrur) while staying with his real Uncle Sardar Gurdev Singh Sooch known as SANDHU, Advocate, Barnala. His Advocate uncle’s tragic death on 18th November 1960 brought turmoil for the entire family and the penniless family shifted to Ludhiana with the help of friends in deed. 

He got inspiration for higher professional qualification in his early life itself from his learned Advocate Uncle though he learnt about worldly way of life from his father Sardar Pritam Singh Sooch, expired on 20th June 1976, a staunch believer in God and dead against any ritualistic way of life. He takes pride in calling his father as his Political guru. He is greatly indebted to his mother Smt. Karam Kaur Sooch, still in high spirit (CHARHDI KALA), to keep him fearless for righteous cause.

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