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You all concerned especially SIKHS might have listened/witnessed debate on militancy between Congress and Akalis in Punjab Assembly, which was like a stage-managed and friendly match among the deceiving politicians. However, remarks of Chief Minister against Sardar Badal were not at all sober but were part of drama to project the debate as real one whereas in reality it was not so. Nothing concrete and relevant has come out of this dummy debate.  

Nobody is ready to own the militancy at this juncture and also no one is taking responsibility for the reasons of it. Now, it can be safely concluded that it was all the handiwork of Indian agencies at the instance of Central government though things had gone out of their control for some time and thereafter, in order to teach a lesson to the entire 'SIKH NATION', the agencies further aggravated the situation and Akalis were made to run away for their safety with a promise to bring them back in power subject to the terms and conditions of 'Delhi Darbar' which they accepted silently at the cost of Sikh Rights and demands and they even appreciated the killings of Sikhs by state throughout India and till date they are taking defensive position to prove their patriotism for their safety, promotion and projecting their own families.

The present Akalis are coward and whereas other groups are out come of agencies network and State repression. They are also active on the dictation of central agencies. Indian agencies are also projecting those stooges as leaders and are in the field seasonally for the benefit of Congress and so called Akalis only.

Again the Sikhs are to remain at mercy of dummy leadership which shall remain responsible to 'Delhi Darbar' only but not to the Sikhs in any manner. It is nothing but undemocratic part of Indian Democracy. The leadership of minorities always has to keep links through Indian agencies with 'Delhi Darbar' and is projected so under the specific terms and conditions to serve the interest of their Masters i.e. leadership representing the majority community in India.

But it is being rightly said by the persons of clear vision and conscience that Sirdar Simranjit Singh Mann deserves a salute of the Sikh nation but anti-forces are very much active against him as experienced in the past and, for that reason, the situation is has not changed much in his favour so far.

Do they feel jealousy with him for the reason that Sirdar Simranjit Singh Mann has already thrown a challenge in the court of law in writing during the proceedings in one of the false and fabricated cases of sedition against him and exceptionally exemplified his service and political career quoting as under:

I have led a public and open life since I joined the I.P.S. in 1967. I have been Member Parliament (M.P.) twice. I want an open judicial enquiry to determine if I have made even one house or acquired any immovable property till this date. Can your honour point out one civil service officer or politician who has such an impeccable record for transparency and accountability?

But in reply to this, the State government may not be able to say anything but Indians definitely owe responsibility to salute him for his devotion, sacrifice and such an exceptional, clean and brilliant career. 

To know the ground realities, you must go through the articles etc and spare your valuable time for the purpose so that we should not remain in dark.

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