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Indian Democracy
Provoking and appeasement
By Balbir Singh Sooch*

 Whom to provoke and whom to appease?
Oh! You donít know!
Torturing Indian minorities to appease Indian majority
No! I read otherwise
From where you read and who wrote?
Oh! In newspaper and heard, who controlled media?
I donít know 

Then your mind is polluted! Oh! Silly man
Kashmiri Brahmans vacation was strategy
To eliminate at blind range Indian minorities in Valley
Keeps their issue of sufferings burning within and outside?
Isnít a solid defense and wonderful vote catching permanent policy? 

Understood! From who to catch vote?
Yes, from the majority in India 

Kashmiri Brahmans case is isolated one
Kept them homeless to highlight terrorism outside 

Is it the similar case of victims of minorities in India?
Yes! But it is other way around
What do you mean by that?
Oh! Silly, how do you to make understand?
Indian nationalism is different from the rest of the World
The whole World is in dark about it, you are not alone 

Let me understand, please kindly help me!
Is it a permanent vote catching plan in the garb of terrorism?
Is terrorism and vote catching policy two faces of a same coin? 

Yes! You shall not find any victim for the Indian majority dissatisfied
Every victim of the majority gets all type of compensations immediately
From government and the other communal organizations unchecked
Any poor chap made to confess the crime from selected minority
Eliminated to satisfy the victim of majority
Yes! Understood the difference between justice and injustice in India 

What about the creation of victims of minorities?
You mean to say about their lingering on sufferings and cries!
Why at all to bring such miserable situation for the minorities?
Yes! Victims from the minorities are created through State terrorism

Their sufferings and cries are prolonged
They (victims) and the minorities are always taught lesson in India
To appease majority at the cost of the minorities by all means
But why so! Oh Silly!  It is a guiding principle of Indian Democracy? 

*Chief and Spokesperson,
Sikh Vichar Manch,
November 24, 2007

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Copyright © Balbir Singh Sooch, Chief and Spokesperson, Sikh Vichar Manch, Ludhana, Punjab (India)