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Who is to be trusted with the job To Find out unscrupulous elements without any manipulation for justice to all?

You may agree or not, majority of 'Amritdharis-Gur-Sikhs' functionaries are busy in confrontation against each other as competitors and rivals for their selfish reasons. Thank God! I am not among those.  

Is it not a set back on the part of 'Amritdharis-Gur-Sikhs' as one of the reasons for imparting true teachings of Sikhism to common people?  

When I inquired the reason behind this sad story from 'Amritdharis', the answer was straight and clear cut that you are not our competitor and rival and you are already out being Non-Amritdhari Sikh.  

Similar seems to be the case of other organisations, parties and individuals in India especially of minorities. 

Now, it is clear that such functionaries are more harmful than to be useful for society relating to religion, unity, peace, justice and prosperity of common man.  

For remedial action and reforms, the honestly and sincerely prepared 'History Sheets' by independent agency having credibility internationally may be helpful and handy to check the unscrupulous elements.  

Again question arises as who is to be trusted with the job without any manipulation for justice to all equally?  

Is the phenomenon universal or prevailing only in Indian communities at the instance of their Masters in furtherance of 'Divide and Rule' or/and for the reasons of greed?  

You may have answer to this entire critical situation. Please do help for peace, justice and prosperity. Thanks  

Balbir Singh Sooch
Chief and Spokesperson
Sikh Vichar Manch

June 2, 5, 2007



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