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Sat, Apr 02, 2011 8:05:11

What a False Gift of honour, ‘People’s Party of Punjab’ by Manpreet Badal to Punjabis especially Sikhs?
An Observation by
Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana

Manpreet Badal

 What a finally anti- Sikh brain wave of central agencies in action under the garb of “People’s Party of Punjab”! 

PPP has no ‘Punjabi name’, because here word, People’s don’t mean only Punjabis, but includes all Indians. 

“PPP Is Only for Economic Freedom minus any Political Agenda”. PPP sent a clear cut message to the people of Punjab especially Sikhs to forget your political rights and accept political slavery forever in face of Economic Freedom or be prepared to see also the cancer like conditions in rest of Punjab:  

What Else Progress in Punjab in face of the Highest Rate of Cancer Patients in District Bathinda- A Story of a Cruelty of a Family with Their Own People: Manpreet Badal Is Also Included in the Family?  

None else is trustworthy for the job except Badals.  

There have also been suggestions that he has been propped by the Congress, union FM Pranab Mukherjee which wants to divide Akali votes in the coming elections.  

Those looking for deeper designs suggest that he is being backed by central agencies, who would like to see a moderate face in Akalis, once the old Akali generation fades away. 

Each and every word spoken by Manpreet Badal in the rally on March 27, 2011 was agenda of the Central Agencies. 

In case, he dares to deny, I am ready for an open debate and argue with him on each word and the sentence he uttered on that day. 

The centre is ruling over Punjab by proxy since 1947 and no way is it self rule of Punjabis and or Sikhs!  

If Manpreet Badal is law graduate from London and a student of a history, I am law graduate and a student of Political Science from Panjab University, Chandigarh. 

If Manpreet Badal belongs to a rich and landlord family and who never enjoyed diluted or poor quality of Lassi, but I belong to poor family and sometime drank the poor quality of Lassi. 

Who took and eaten away debt of Rs 70,000 crore and now pending against Punjab. Definitely, Manpreet Badal must be among those who have eaten away the borrowed amount. But, I am very clear that no poor family like mine has idly eaten away the borrowed amount of Rs 70,000 crore and did lead a poor life within our resources, earned by sacrificing the prime of our youth and hard labour by serving the nation. 

My father explained us before his death that he always returned the Sangan-Naunda Rs. 31 in place of Rs. 21 in the native village, in case, my sons, you don’t visit that village, nobody will accuse you on this issue.  

Similarly, I did serve for the nation by serving in Indian Air Force.   

I and my heirs undertake to return the Sangan-Naunda, even if paid by a friend for the pious reasons known to him. 

From where, the centre brought Rs. 70,000 crore to pay as a debt to Punjab? Will Manpreet Badal not question to the central agencies? Answer has to be no as Manpreet Badal is being backed by central agencies. 

The blood and sweat of Punjabis especially Sikhs are mixed in Rs. 70,000 crore and they are entitled to have it and need not to return it to the centre on asking by the central agencies. 

Manpreet Badal was looking totally frustrated during his entire speech in the rally on March 27, 2011, not with the agencies, but with the Sikhs and Badals family from within.

Moreover, Manpreet Badal is directionless and acting like new born patriot. 

Manpreet Badal wants to keep the poor families further poor for at least another 20 years in order to return the debt of Rs. 70,000 crore and promising to pay more to the centre pool hereafter, that may the day of his retirement according to his constitution, subject to the central agencies promised him power and the rule of Punjab and in return, Manpreet Badal will not allow to raise any political demands also. 

The Demand to adopt 'Sikh Genocide' resolution in Punjab Assembly:
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