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  Updated: May 22, 2009 6:58 AM

The entire Punjab is in the grip of drug hurricane which weakens the morale, physique and character of the youth. We are in the danger of losing the young generation


Every third male student in Punjab drug addict, HC told


According to a Punjab Government survey, 66 per cent of the school-going students in the state consume gutkha or tobacco; every third male and every tenth female student has taken drugs on one pretext or the other and seven out of 10 college-going students abuse one or the other drug.

These disturbing details were submitted by Harjit Singh, Secretary, Department of Social Security and Women & Child Development, Chandigarh, in reply to a petition filed by some to drug rehabilitation centres before the Punjab and Haryana High Court.

The affidavit further read that “In the recent times, the amount of narcotic substances seized in the state has also been among the highest in the country”.

The secretary, on behalf of the Punjab Government, submitted that “the vibrancy of Punjab is virtually a myth.... many sell their blood to procure their daily doze of deadly drugs, even beg on the streets for money to continue their addiction... The entire Punjab is in the grip of drug hurricane which weakens the morale, physique and character of the youth. We are in the danger of losing the young generation. The vibrant Punjab that had ushered in the green revolution is today living in a dazed stupor as 67 per cent of its rural household has at least one drug addict.”

Sikh Spirit ending in
Punjab due to Drug Addiction-Who IS RESPONSIBLE???

The reasons of drug smuggling in the country known
to the agencies meant to check the menace

By Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana 

Who does not like to become richer and one of the richest through the easy earning and the low risk business of smuggling of all types of intoxicants?  

The risk of smuggling of intoxicants is the only easy source for becoming a member of a society called haves and the have nots are always ready and willing to be conduits-pipe lines for the purpose at the instance of the smugglers and influential to join the mainstream of the richest people at any risk.  

The smugglers and influential in the business and operating remain untouched in the system. Such and other similar characters in different styles are assigned the duty for slow poisoning Punjab.

To be involved in smuggling with the support of the smugglers and the influential including the agencies meant to check the menace, to join the mainstream of richness is very easy but the risk is very negligible or to say minimum or no risk at all. It is all known to the agencies meant to check the menace of drug smuggling in the country. 

To check the menace of drug smuggling and its addiction is rarely on the agenda seriously of any government till the sons and daughters of some of the politicians and the influential including the agencies meant to check the menace come in grip of the drug addiction, in large numbers, badly and to the epidemic and alarming proportions

Only in that situation, the effective steps were seen in progress in true sense but for a very short period and thereafter, the criminals return to their business of the smuggling as usual.   

That is also rarely reported by the so affected, for the fear of loosing their status symbol in the society. 

For the politicians and the influential including the agencies meant to check the menace, the ill-gotten money and the status raised from and through the source of drug smuggling is always dearer than their children.  

Hence, there are no serious efforts on the agenda of any government to check and stop the menace of the drug addiction that has assumed epidemic and alarming proportions especially in Punjab over the past few years and may further worsen the situation in the country as explained.


Sikhs Declared or Forced to Call Themselves as
Militants, Extremists

“Sikhs were always asked to be baptised Sikhs in large scale, intentionally and deliberately, so that some of them only be declared or forced to call themselves as militants, extremists etc for the specific purpose and others are demoralized to be such Sikhs in the process as seen and experienced in independent India”. - Balbir Singh Sooch

Who will listen, decide and whom to blame?

What manipulations are going on by applying such or the similar techniques that cause Sikhs to break down and suffer mentally and physically under different names of humanity and the records?

 THE Sikhs donated blood to break the Guinness Book of World Records for ‘blood donation’-Congratulations!

 Thank God! Those, who would have been warriors of Sikhs to shed their blood for their own cause, safety and security, donated blood to break the Guinness Book of World Records for ‘blood donation’.

Under the circumstances, Sikhs could be made donors in any form in my independent country. There are rare chances for them to be beneficiaries. Please do accept my congratulations!

Earlier, Sikhs were used or asked to be baptised Sikhs in large scale during like on the Hola Mohalla celebrations at the Sikh shrine of Keshgarh Sahib, only to declare some of them militants, extremists etc later on. After declaring them so and then maltreating them in name of eliminating militancy, their valuable body parts especially eyes, kidneys including blood used to be taken out in torturous cells in the past as was reported from Ropar torture cells.

What manipulations are going on by applying such or the similar techniques that cause Sikhs to break down and suffer mentally and physically under different names of humanity and the records? God knows!

 I have already commented as under:

“Should Sikhs not learn a lesson from the past and now? Is it not proper to conclude in this manner? After shedding and taking out Sikhs blood against each other, as Sikhs were used from within to prosecute Sikh community in the name to fight back against terrorism or otherwise.

Now, they voluntarily would be made, taught and forced to give blood, in the name of donating blood, in one of the biggest blood donation camps in the world, March 10 during the Hola Mohalla celebrations at the Sikh shrine of Keshgarh Sahib.

In the mega-blood donation camp, over 25,000 units of blood are being targeted for collection within 24 hours, is being organised jointly by the Akal Takht, the highest temporal seat of Sikh religion, the Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee (SGPC) and the Akal Purakh ki Fauj (Army of the Almighty).

Similarly, Sikhs being preached to participate in the target of 1,000,000- “One Million Chaupai Paaths” by June 2009 and so on, non-issues for them in hand endlessly but not allowing them to attend issues of their importance like restoring their self-dignity and the justice to them for the excesses committed since 1984 or without touching the other issues relevant to Sikhs.

Only, the style of inhuman policy stands changed selectively especially singling out Sikhs in India and elsewhere. Isn’t?”


The Fight of Protecting the Religion or the Politics of Religion!
By Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana

The world is burning in the fight of protecting the religion or the politics of religion only to teach a lesson to each other in all respects, in a fraudulent way. The government agencies as seen and experienced in India seem to be trained their men in respective fields to bring the confrontation at peak levels and for planting the story or stories like the religious places in the country on the boil and the end to it is not in sight so far.


From, the forum of the Sikh Vichar Manch, it is already said on the painful incident, “Sikhs along with all peace loving organizations in the world must register their protest strongly, adequately and effectively for meaningful and remedial action against torching London’s most important Gurdwara, which housed priceless religious books, in a suspected racist attack in Britain. The Sikh religion is the only another name of ‘Sri Guru Granth Sahib’ and its message is given through Gurdwara(s), worshiping place for all humans especially Sikhs to impart the message, meant for the peace, equity, dignity and the stability of mind in practice and actions and, that to avoid any confrontation among religions, communities, humans and so on in every field.


The religion must be allowed to be practiced and followed freely and reasonably with God gifted sanity, so long it does not hurt others in any manner. Guru Granth Sahib is the final and perpetual Guru of Sikhs. The disrespect in any manner to Gurdwara(s) should be taken in protest seriously as an insult to humanity and against the peace, equity, dignity and the stability of mind of all, the law abiding people following an unbiased way of life in the world.”  

There was no end to provocations from the managed dramas by the agencies and the individuals in order to plan hatred, the killings, and the disappearances as was also seen in the process to destroy the Sikh religious valuable manuscripts and the historical books with the help of and in face of cheaters within and outside Sikh community as seen and being experienced in Punjab and elsewhere in India. 

It looks as every such religious man from any community like who becomes Sikh for commercial motives and who accepts Sikhism formally to imitate Sikhs for material gains and to exploit Sikhism for their ignoble ends, is always asked to remain excited and claim against each other that his religion is supreme, and why don’t you follow and believe it alone? Like other serious drawbacks in humans, the so named religious men are not lagging behind in domestic violence and the hypocrisy.  

Some are acting other way around for offending others to create distrust, hatred and the nuisance and claiming that there is no God and not to believe HIM at all, though, they are quietly performing all their respective religious ceremonies in their families.  

It is like a war of hatred among the religious functionaries themselves and with the other category who does not believe in HIM. The atheist looks as he was fighting for non-existing entity. The believers like me, that God is ALMIGHTY and PROTECTOR, are also fighting with so called atheists to press them to agree about the existence and the supremacy of God. The atheists and believers, both are restless and dissatisfied because of imperfection i.e. lack of adequate use of God gifted sanity. 

In view of the above, “The truth must be brought on surface to check the disturbing forces and the elements anywhere and everywhere permanently and similarly for the meaningful action against torching London’s most important Gurdwara for the peace, equity, dignity and the stability of mind. 

Egoists have nothing to do with God or with their religion, they are mostly creator of hatred, nuisance and restless in the society for their own reasons and required be checked for the sake of humanity but not ruthlessly.
March 21, 2009



Who will and to what extent help in  SLOW POISONING PUNJAB is the only related issues always highlighted and left for Punjab especially Sikhs in India? Who is behind all this? People know or only God knows!

Will PM take notice of it?

Will Akalis take notice of derogatory remarks of that spoon feeding political child?

Like that issues are endless but Punjabis/Sikhs are always being involved in non-issues purposely and conspiringly for their disadvantage and to the advantage of inimical forces within and outside Sikh community.

Such uttering and the actions are always with the knowledge and the brain child of central agencies and the leadership matter and, never without motive or strategy in case of and relating to Punjab especially Sikhs.

Such non- issues and the controversies are only to sidetrack the main issues of Punjab, the most relevant issues should have been raised for justice to Sikhs in the coming Lok Sabha elections and the process of slow poisoning Punjab must be discontinued.

It is all nothing but only in sequence of weakening Sikhs physically, mentally, psychologically etc and at the same time establishing, promoting and highlighting such uncontrolled, lawless children, elements, characters etc in the political field by insulting Sikhs and weakening Punjab.

It has to be taken as only a part of motive or strategy and the process of ‘SLOW POISONING PUNJAB’ nothing else.

Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana

March 25, 2009 (Updated)

Deras, so-called religious functionaries so projected etc normally never harmed, tortured, touched, arrested cruelly and  always have hand in glove directly or indirectly with the respective governments of the day but people are managed and directed to revolt against each other in the name of Deras, cults, any such related religious issues etc to disturb the harmony and peace, intentionally and deliberately, for enacting dramas of law and order problem keeping in mind ulterior motives and to achieve specific targets to use the weapon of State terrorism in different forms at will.


Is it politics only or something else like cover up of or an example of bad management in India or the malfunctioning of administration under useless and incompetent political leadership in the country?


Are these the only methods, tactics and ways of crushing people especially the minorities in India?


Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana,

March 27, 2009 (Updated)

The Comments Published: Non-Issues being raised???

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Human Rights
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