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Poem: Honesty and Deception
By Balbir Singh Sooch

Afraid to answer!
Is life of honesty or deception?
To remain honest to hide deception
Honesty and deception are brother and sister
Hide from each other as learned from author
Running Narrow to open and open to narrow
Deception and honesty run together

 Afraid to answer!
To say honest what kind of deception it is?
And similarly to say dishonest what kind of honesty it is?
Crying to be honest what a pain of honesty it is?
To be anxious in pain is deception
Real honesty is minus nervousness
Crying, crying is life of deception
Without playing, silence and normalcy are real honesty
Man is actor missing altogether in the mortal World

 Afraid to answer!
What is act of God?
Without playing, silence and normalcy
Nervousness of greed is act of actor  
How to judge difference between actor and worshipper of God?
Actor always anxious in pain but not worshipper of God
How to be worshipper different from actor?
Be away from greed and deception
Not to play, cry, joyous but be normal in life
Then man shall be near to God
Then to be difficult to differentiate act of man and God
What a combination of man and God? 

But afraid to answer!
Because of difference between man and God
Whether life is of honesty or deception?
Man is actor not worshipper of God
 But afraid to answer who are actor and worshipper of God?
To be anxious in pain is deception
Without playing, silence and normalcy are honesty of life
Whatever is the difference between honesty and deception?
Same is the difference in act of God and man
Deception to fall and like act of God honesty to prevail 

May 31, 2008

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Copyright Balbir Singh Sooch, Chief and Spokesperson, Sikh Vichar Manch, Ludhana, Punjab (India)