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Now, not only “Khalistan” but ‘justice for all’ is required and that has to be and should be the meaningful demand before the international community, matter to that effect


When someone points out as genuine or non-genuine to others, he must also see his own shortcomings in face of present false leadership of minorities here in India as to whom he supports and why?

The minorities are so badly divided with the weapon of State repression and by other means strategically that Indian agencies get sufficient stuff to create misunderstanding and division among the minorities to finish them with their own initiative and weapons.

The task of spreading hatred is given to different teams who also quarrel with themselves while doing the assigned and given task.

Now under the changed circumstances, in absence of any ideology and support of masses and after the liquidation of creamy layer of the minorities especially Sikhs, the demand of only “Khalistan” again being raised senselessly by the people who acted misleadingly and suspiciously in the past after their surrendering. We must be cautious from such non-serious demands and acts presently without getting and demanding justice to other minorities in India.

To raise such demand again in isolation shall prove more dangerous and disastrous for present and future generations of Sikhs and someone may be raising such demand again wittingly or unwittingly but must taken and considered suspiciously.

You may get more similar material of anti-Sikh behavior of our so called leadership from the Indian agencies time and again to keep you divided like present situation as you never had any true effective leadership after 1947 of your interest.

Now, not only “Khalistan” but ‘justice for all’ is required and that has to be and should be the meaningful demand before the international community, matter to that effect. The justice for all in India is only possible with peaceful division of India into independent segments as a lasting and permanent solution nothing less than that should be acceptable for peace and justice within and without India.

Otherwise, bloodshed and killing will remain a permanent feature of inhuman and heinous act of crime happening throughout India within the minorities, against each other and in retaliation to it, all at the instance of Indian agencies and the communal Hindu parties and their wings.

Whatever is being projected for and against the minorities on internet, TVs and in media at large, it is nothing new in face of entire present and so far false leadership of the minorities in India. It is also not more than my explanation as given under: Read and log on at

The biased attitude of the communal Hindu parties in India

With regards to all with a hope of sincere approach, adequate and meaningful action in the matter-


Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate

December 16, 2006

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