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“Khalistan Movement”
Respected Amar S Duggal ji having all information AS PROMISED by him

Respected Amar S Duggal ji,

On your part the meaningful though much delayed disclosure about “Khalistan movement” at this stage can not be said to be aimlessly, purposelessly and without any research work done by you.  

In light of the above and your promise to disclose the names of the people involved in starting Khalistan movement if desired, please do disclose everything available with you in the larger interest promising that the entire information regarding this is from the authenticated source and must be true. 

I have already circulated your message along with my comments but or anybody else did not further circulated the same as I desired its verification for justice and also disclosure of the names involved initially being catalysts to ignite and what was the motive behind all this destruction? You are having all this information as you promised to disclose on request.

Kindly do a great service to ‘Sikh Nation’. 

With regards
Balbir Singh Sooch
Chief and Spokesperson
Sikh Vichar Manch

‘As your massage in the following form already circulated to all for verification, help, justice and answer’

Sent: Sunday, July 15, 2007 3:34 AM
Subject: Re: [India-Force] Re: Sikh extremism was the result of class struggle based on casteism. 

“Khalistan Movement”

If any body wants names of the people involved in starting Khalistan movement, please let me know! All of them were government employees! Mostly retired now, few may still be in office. Some of them are working in Indian foreign affairs department. ! What ever is that is called!

All our lives we have done nothing but tried to understand the game that these guys played and hurt so many citizens. The ghost of that movement is still alive and shows up from time to time. As it did last week in Canada, via a documentary shown, in which apart from others Mr Dusanjh was interviewed!

Sikhs Hindus are part of the same coin, they can never be separated. I firmly believe, Sikhs are the only pure form left of our Pracheen Sanatam dharma. Sanatam means Pracheen to begin with. (Nirgun bhagati upasana)

As far what went on with Sikhs right after partition of 1947? Has a lot to do with the remains of the British system and their moles that were still there, all the way when the movement started again in 1978. 

If some one was hired, let's say in 1953, this is the time when British were still in process of packing up and handing over, this newly hired person will only be about 51 years old. 

The whole batch of officers mainly in their 50’s was probably in charge of all of the government policy making team. Like Air Marshall Larkins and AVM his own brother, (Jailed for working for foreign governments) how many others were bought out, we don't know. But it is a big shame that till date government has not taken any responsibility of the pain caused to people living in the Northern part of India. All people suffered regardless of back ground and faith. Hindus were used against the Sikhs, and Sikhs were used to hurt the police work. Mockery of democracy was observed and every body that we know was helpless.

One day things open up and through public records, citizens will get to know all about these movements and their handlers. Yes, things will change, but does this Nation not look like a zoo, where some has power and others are just taking the beating as it happens every day in a Zoo. We are still animals, I am sorry to say although I am very optimistic about things around, but we have to recognize the facts.

Thanks again
Amar S Duggal
Om Shanti shanti shanti. Terey bhaney Sarbat ka bahalla.

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