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Baptized Sikh Carry Kirpan and Wearing Kirpin Personal Choice Also for Sikhs

By Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana

The Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee, Amritsar ( SGPC), the Delhi Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (DGPC) and the Sikhs divided by the different so-called Deras etc, run and controlled directly or indirectly by the agencies of the Indian government, in the name of and under the symbol of baptized Sikhs, following their own respective "Sikh Rehat Maryada` (Sikh Code of Conduct), who were and are more stand divided than Millions of Sikhs in India do not wear the kirpin. Thus, it was rightly said that such stories are reports on a non-issue. This issue must be looked into in perspectives and the context of Guru Gobind Singh`s final order to be obeyed and followed by Sikhs.

Why is Kirpan mandatory for some in Canada and elsewhere? The answer can be found in view of the above and also rightly answered in the operative part of an article, "Baptized Sikh carry kirpan`  as under:

The kirpan is a traditional sword, a symbol of dignity, power and unconquerable spirit, one of the five symbols of Sikhism that a baptized Sikh is ordained to carry. Many Sikhs go in for baptism to rise morally and spiritually high and to receive spiritual initiation into Divine Name. So, it is mandatory for them to carry a kirpan on their bodies. Canadian society is an incomparably rich mosaic of cultures, creeds, customs and traditions, built on the ideology of respect, equality and diversity. This tolerant approach no doubt extends to religion as well. "

Whosoever sacrificed, killed, shown disappeared and so on in India and elsewhere so far, for the cause knowingly or innocently or otherwise, can we further afford to disown, to forget and divide them in different categories like the caste system in India, on the question of baptism after Guru Gobind Singh`s final order to be obeyed and followed by Sikhs as explained in the unchallenged article, "Guru Gobind Singh Sahib`s Final Order Be Followed`? Full Text of the article is as under:

After Elevation of Adi Granth to Guru Granth Sahib:The Adi Granth was conferred the title of "Guru of the Sikhs" by the tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh, in October, 1708, and thereafter rest everything is secondary and optional for Sikhs.

Guru Gobind Singh Guru (1666-1708), the tenth Guru in Sikh tradition, affirmed the sacred text Adi Granth as his successor, terminating the line of human Gurus, and elevating the text to Guru Granth Sahib. From that point on, the text remained not only the holy scripture of the Sikhs, but is also regarded by them as the living embodiment of the Ten Gurus. "

The role of Guru Granth Sahib, as a source for all purposes including the "Sikh definition` and the "Sikh Rehat Maryada` or guide of prayer, is pivotal in worship in Sikhism. Guru Gobind Singh officially ordained Guru Granth Sahib as the final and perpetual Guru of Sikhs.

Sri Guru Granth Sahib is being accepted as the universal spiritual leader of Sikhs and also for its all followers keeping in mind the secular nature of Sikh faith.

Don`t you all the enlightened and the neutral Sikhs feel that in face of the order of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib, bracketed in comas above, the following questions arise and required to be discussed positively?

Have the "Sikh definition` the "Sikh Rehat Maryada`, the Sikh psyche etc in view of Guru`s unambiguous order not to be redefined or changed moderately within and subject to the teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib only?

Have any contradictory thoughts not to be and must be kept apart in this modern age as being considering these personal, suiting to any individual or group or organisation who is free to adopt his own way of living i.e. secondary and optional so long it does not violate the secular nature of Sikh faith?

Why to involve Sikhs in confusion or divert on another route to create division in Sikhs by raising such questions whether "the second Sikh Scripture and British Connection " Fact or Fiction` or similar issues in this modern age, in face of the unambiguous order of Guru Gobind Singh sahib?

Do Sikhs feel that Guru Gobind Singh sahib left something valuable knowledge, spiritual as well as worldly, uncovered in his order that lacuna could only be fulfilled by the second respected scripture of the Sikhs after Sri Guru Granth Sahib?

That, in view of the above, whether the second respected scripture of the Sikhs after Sri Guru Granth Sahib was and is required to be enforced on all Sikhs forcibly?

The answer of all the enlightened and the neutral Sikhs has to and must be that Guru Gobind Singh Sahib`s final order be followed by all Sikhs to prove practically and without any ambiguity that they are more liberal and secular in the world while following the teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib.


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Baptized Sikh Carry Kirpan and Wearing Kirpin Personal Choice Also for Sikhs

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