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Gandhi ji’s views about ‘Rama’ and ‘Cow’ 

So far I recollect and read in a book(s), Gandhi ji replied in response to a question regarding ‘Rama’ that earlier when he used to repeat ‘Rama’ many times, he meant ‘Rama’ as a man i.e. human being but at the end he realized that he is chanting and repeating the whole creation i.e. Universe, ultimate reality, God and having the highest spiritual knowledge. 

Similarly, Gandhi ji expressed his views about ‘Cow’ means ‘innocent’ not an animal. 

I fully agree with Gandhi ji in the context of meaning of ‘Rama’ and ‘Cow’ although others may have different views and interpretation. 

With regards to all 

Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana
September 17, 2007


Made up beliefs ought to be dumped under the changed circumstances-VIEWS

The term ‘belief(s)’ is very ambiguous and it is not always constructive and so far it conveys something meaningful, skillful, healthy and   helpful, let it be followed without any interference but when it is ruinous, destructive or becomes foolish to be followed must be abandoned as in ‘Ram Setu’ case and similar are the beliefs do prevailing and being added like evils in the name of false history, religion etc in Sikh community and the same are required any time to be discarded and definitely not be followed by the healthy mind.

The imaginary, fantasy, made up, unreal and pretending to make believe and invented    such beliefs only show individual’s level of ability and also the attitude with malafide intention to exploit to lead the masses politically.

Submission by

Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana
Chief and Spokesperson
September 23, 2007


 Guru Granth Sahib in relation to Ram

It is rightly said that word ‘Ram’ is repeatedly used more than 2533 times in Guru Granth Sahib. The Learned scholar admits that mostly ‘Ram’ is symbolic for God exists everywhere i.e. word ‘Ram’ is frequently mentioned by Gurus in ‘Sri Guru Granth Sahib’ though symbolically in place of the Supreme Lord-God except in reference as under:

nfnk inrBAu inrMkfru hoir kyqy rfm rvfl ]

kyqIaF kMnH khfxIaF kyqy byd ibcfr ] (grU gRMQ sfihb, sPLf 464)

pfzy qumrf rfm cMd so BI afvqu dyiKaf ]

rfvx syqI srbr hoeI Gr kI jie gvfeI QF ] (grU gRMQ sfihb, sPLf 875)

rovY rfm inkflf Bieaf ]

sIqf lKmxu ivCuiV gieaf ] (grU gRMQ sfihb, sPLf 953)

rfm JurY dl mylvY aMqrI blu aiDkfr ]

bMqr kI sYnf syvIaY min qin juJu apfr ] (grU gRMQ sfihb, sPLf 1412)

mn mih JurY rfm cMd sIqf lCmx jogu ]

hxvMqru afrfiDaf afieaf kir sMjogu ] (grU gRMQ sfihb, sPLf 1412)

rfm gieE rfvnu gieE jf kAu bhu prvfru ] (grU gRMQ sfihb, sPLf 1428)

rfmu rfmu krqf sB jgu iPrY, rfm nf pfieaf jfie ]

agmu agocru aiq vzf aqul nf quilaf jfie ] (grU gRMQ sfihb, sPLf 555)

kbIr rfm kihn mih Bydu hY qf mih eyku bIcfru ]

soeI rfm sBY kihh soeI kAukqhfr ] (grU gRMQ sfihb, sPLf 1374)

I have nothing to contradict him but like to point out that sometimes a common man like me take help from the knowledge, story or belief of a simpleton, villager, whatever he already knows, believes to be true to make him to understand law  etc though I personally do not normally agree to his possessed knowledge or story and belief. It is always good and easy to make a person understand an intricate problem in his own language and living sphere not in isolation.

I have seen excellent Judgments or findings of Canadian authorities to know the actual intention of the parties in reference to some documents like adoption deed etc prepared in India under Indian Law though the law is neither valid nor applicable in Canada but the authorities never deliver any judgment or give findings on such document by referring Canadian Law and the ground realities prevailing in similar circumstances therein.

For Sikhs, Guru Granth Sahib is supreme and justifying the interpretation of ‘Ram’ in the context of above explanations may be of disliking for many considering it as contempt. If it really appears so, I be pardoned but as far I gathered knowledge from scholars and persons possess knowledge in depth that Gurbani in Guru Granth Sahib is in question-answer form for the well being and spiritual enlightenment of all.

In my opinion, Gurus must have listened layman’s story and belief regarding ‘Ram’, ‘Sita’, ‘Lachhman’, ‘Ravan’ etc imaginary actors and heroes and answered him to discard the stories of living ‘gods’ in the manner enshrined in Guru Granth Sahib as quoted otherwise their existence in so old age and time is rightly doubted and questioned.

Everybody is free to disown, contradict, correct or elaborate my views on the subject; I shall have no objection to it.

Submission by

Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana
Chief and Spokesperson
Sikh Vichar Manch
September 24, 2007


 high time to inquire the functioning of the agencies IN INDIA

It is one of the  open stories of “superstitions” as reported and continued for a long period and other such stories might be remaining unnoticed that Indian agencies are always behind such stories to make the people fool by undermining their intellect.

It is clear cut case to prove that the agencies are deputed by their masters to carry on adding such superfluous stories of “superstitions” especially in minorities as ‘Hindus’ are already victims according to their scriptures and based on the religious teachings.

It is a high time to inquire the functioning of the agencies in the field and all the healthy minded people must condemn the superfluous stories of “superstitions” and the agencies working in order to befool the people of India. 

Submission by:
Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana
October 5, 2007

‘Babaji’ not sanctioned leave by Army
‘Soul’ of dead Army man stays back
Deepkamal Kaur
Tribune News Service

Jalandhar, October 4, 2007
After a local ex-serviceman filed a civil suit against the Army authorities for allegedly promoting superstition by following a four-decade old ceremony of bringing back the soul of a dead Army man from the China border to his home in Kapurthala, the tradition has been discontinued.

The ceremony is usually held in mid-September. However, this time neither any berth was booked in a train for the soul of Sepoy Harbhajan Singh nor did any jawan bring his uniform back. There were no relatives of the sepoy at the Jalandhar railway station to escort his soul to his native village of Kukan in Kapurthala district.

Brother of Harbhajan Singh, Rattu Singh, confirmed the cancellation of the ceremony this year. “This has happened for the first time that Babaji (as the sepoy is popularly known) has not been sanctioned leave by the Army. We got a call from the Army office that they couldn’t send him home this time because of some problem in adjustments. But, we held the ‘barsi’ of our brother at the village today where there was a turnout of more than 200 people”, he said. However, one of his relatives confided, “The army authorities apprehended that this could adversely affect the proceedings of an ongoing civil suit”.

Subedar Piara Singh, who retired in 1970 after serving the 1st Sikh Light Infantry Battalion and is now residing at Raipur Rasulpur village, has filed a suit for mandatory injunction in the court of civil judge G.S. Dhillon against the defence ministry, seeking such “superstitions” should not be advertised through media in future.

Subedar Piara Singh says he read a news item pertaining to the tradition in a vernacular paper and felt hurt as the Army never believed in such “superstitions”.

He read in the news item that Jawan Harbhajan Singh of 23 Punjab deployed on Indo-China border died on duty on October 4, 1968, but was still seeking all benefits provided to a living person, including pay and allowances, availing annual leave and promotions.

The ex-serviceman has pointed out that the news item has not been controverted by the Army authorities and as such sends wrong signals to the public at large that Army believes in “living martyr” Baba Harbhajan Singh. He has written that such incidents are bound to tarnish the image of the Army otherwise known for its valour.

When Subedar Piara Singh filed the suit, Baba Harbhajan Singh held the post of Honorary Subedar Major. Last year he was promoted Honorary Captain. There have been four hearings in the case. Army officials have stated that it was in no way doing anything for the ceremony.


False intellectuals and humanists would disappear automatically

The conspirators should not involve common people against each other on non-issues to sidetrack the real and practical ones in the present context related to justice, equality and well beings of humanity enshrined in religious teachings of Guru. If at all someone has his individual belief according to his intellect and compulsions then why not to let him enjoy as being seen going on in these days?

No body should act authoritatively in order to pull down others as hypocrite protector of Guru’s teachings and thereby falsely pretend only himself as a true believer in God. This type of destructive competition of the intellectuals is uncalled for and unacceptable in the name of Sikhism. 

The time is great healer and everything shall be settled by the ‘Will of God’ and false intellectuals and humanists would disappear automatically. To my knowledge and belief, it is the ‘Will of God’ that has to prevail and to be obeyed finally for the Worldly peace and justice for all creatures of nature. The waste has to always perish by one way or the other without any reorganization. A man of falsehood has no base of own competency. It is applicable for all.

  There is but one God
True is His Name, creative
His personality and immortal
 His form. He is without fear, sans,
enmity, unborn and self-illuminated.
By the Guru’s grace (He is obtained)
Everyone to ‘obey the pre-ordained order of the Lord of will as all subject to His fiat and none is exempt from His fiat’

 Submission by
Balbir Singh Sooch
October 6, 2007

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