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"Bhindranwale Was An Evil Man"
Extract from the exchange of views with a prominent Journalist Rahul Singh:

rahul singh:  rahul singh wrote 

i am sorry but this response to my question does not make sense to me. i had asked why no important sikh leader opposed bhindranwale. he was an evil man who promoted communal violence. of course, indira gandhi foolishly promoted him, on gyani zail singh's prompting, to divide the akalis. that was her short-sighted political strategy. but he could have been opposed by sikhs, which did not happen. even the senior akali leaders and the high priests of the har mandir sahib were scared of him. why? sincerely, rahul singh 

Dear Rahul Singh ji,
rahul singh <>
Sat Sri Akal!

"Bhindranwale Was An Evil Man"

First of all, nobody would like to use for him such a language that Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale was an evil man, what to talk of me though I personally never met him?  As you said, “Of course, Indira Gandhi foolishly promoted him, on Zail Singh’s promoting, to divide the Akalis. That was her short-sighted political strategy” you must have rightly said so.   

Are only evils-devils always projected in politics in India as being experienced and, you also said so in case of Bhindranwale? If answer is yes, then I am no one to contradict you.  

The Akalis must have also preferred to remain silent strategically and foolishly. 

Moreover, India is under unitary form of system, constitutionally and politically but, not under federal system as being projected by and for the fools in India, that is only to show the outer world.  

To answer your question,” But he (Bhindranwale) could have been opposed by Sikhs, which did not happen, even the senior Akali leaders and the high priests of the har mandir sahib were scared of him, why?”  

I was or am not so experienced or badly trained politically and leaglly to give a direct or straightforward answer that “the senior Akali leaders and the high priests of the Durbar Sahib (Har Mandir Sahib) were having hands in glove with the Indian central agencies to get instructions from them in the case of Bhindranwale”.  

But, you are much experienced to say so, to call the Akalis equally guilty for their silence or for other reasons. 

To my knowledge, leaving aside the selected a few members of ’District grievances committees’ that was on papers then, no Akali leader was allowed to visit police stations where Sikhs were being inhumanly tortured, eliminated and kept in police custody without any record, later on shown disappeared. 

I did write a few lines when ‘the SGPC installed the portrait of Sant ji in the historical Sikh Museum at Durbar Sahib (Golden Temple), Sri Amritsar on November 29, 2007’ as under: 

To Know India!

Oh! Genocide of Sikhs and the Generation Transformation;

What are you murmuring?

Where, how and by whom?

Of minorities including Sikhs in India!

Yes; through the so-called Babas-Saints and their henchmen!!!

You mean to say in the name of Dharma gurus!

Yes; who planned and when?

The central agencies entered through Sant Bhindranwale-Taksal;

Jarnail Sant Bhindranwale was too late to understand in Punjab;

Then what happened?


(I bow my head before his sacrifice; he might be manipulated by the thoughtless) 

The sacrifice of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale would never be out of the Sikh history in the context of independent India. 

The life story of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale is a very painful part of Indian history and nobody could forget it. It shall always remind all the unanswered questions of planned Sikhs Genocide in independent India and to Know India! 

Yours sincerely,
Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana

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