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 ACs in the sanctum sanctorum of Sri Harmander Sahib

By Balbir Singh Sooch

My ignorance or lack of religious knowledge failing me to understand as to what is the logic or religious background for the reasons of severe criticism from different Sikh organizations and scholars over the issue of Acs in the sanctum sanctorum of Sri Harmander Sahib?

A common Sikh or any disciple of Gurus requires /desires to be comfortable, mentally sound, alert and relaxed in Air-Conditioners for better performance according to the facilities available in his day today life especially in the field/place where job is directly connected with mental presentation like reciting and preaching Gurbani with utmost care, caution and concentration in a specific study chamber or in the sanctum sanctorum of Sri Harmander Sahib.

In case of any condition contrary to it  that has any  ground which prohibits use of Air-Conditioners in the sanctum sanctorum of Sri Harmander Sahib then it is also to be presumed in that case that all disciples of Guru must also be forbidden to make use of Air-Conditioner(s) in their houses.

Are those really sincere in criticizing the act, should also be against the use of the facilities of Acs for themselves? If answer is ‘yes’ then they can do so otherwise It is immaterial as who initiated the move for the installation of the ACs.

Whoever having any respect for GURU and HIS servants should never oppose the move for only political reasons and it shall always be remembered as a politically motivated disservice on their part.

It should have been non-issue to be discussed or opposed and what is being extracted out of it, a person like me is unable to understand?

The sanctity and originality of historical Gurdwaras is already disturbed/hampered in the name of modernization by earlier Presidents of SGPC at the instance of inimical and anti-Panthic forces and now what is the logic to keep ‘Sri Guru Granth Sahib’, His servants and Sangat without Air-Conditioners in the sanctum sanctorum of Sri Harmander Sahib when the critics are enjoying the facility for themselves openly or some of them may not be doing so on medical grounds. The way out must be found out and traced to avoid environmental pollution likely to cause by the installation of ACs in the sanctum sanctorum of Sri Harmander Sahib.

My comments are not for to raise any controversy on the issue in any manner as being seen attempted. 

June 1, 2008

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