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 Poem: Oh! My God
By Balbir Singh Sooch

Oh! My God!
My miseries and deeds were YOURS
Neither believed nor trusted YOU
Faced untold agonies repentantly   
It was my test, I never knew at all
My miseries and deeds were YOURS
Oh! God! I never knew at all
Oh! My God!  

I never noticed the miseries of men
Who deployed by YOU for my untold agonies
They were doing YOUR assigned task
And were crying and what not...? for my trial
Oh! My God!  

I never knew YOUR fun except my own hypocrisy
I donít know YOUR CHOICE to pardon me or
What is in store for me and all?
Oh! My God!  

My miseries and deeds were YOURS
Finally I surrender after knowing all
None was mine but not repenting at all
Oh! My God!  

I bow my head
Before YOU and all
I surrender unconditionally
But you know all
It was always test, I never knew at all
Oh! My God!

October 15, 2008

I AM: KPS Gill and I am: Balbir Singh Sooch-It was my desire to understand the difference between man to man. Thanks

I AM: KPS Gill

I do believe in God and the fact that all of us are His creation. I don't pray very particularly or visit temples regularly, but do what I feel is right as per my conscience because I feel our soul has direct communication with God.-KPS GILL


Balbir Singh Sooch

"Here only I differ to the extent that we don't always accept and do as per our conscience. That's the only gap and for the reason, our soul's communication remains missing with God. KPS Gill and I are not immune from the drawback like others in this world though degree may vary from person to person. We may find the drawback as a cause of crime and the sufferings and Mr.KPS Gill is not exception to it but he may be more ignorant for the reasons best known him. We are mostly hypocrite to believe God including those who very particularly or visit temples regularly."-Balbir Singh Sooch

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