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God and Presumption about Him
By Balbir Singh Sooch

*There is but one God
True is His Name,
Creative His personality and immortal His form
He is without fear, sans enmity, unborn and self-illumined
By the Guru’s grace
Embrace His meditation
True in the prime, True in the beginning of ages,
True He is even now and True He, verily, shall be, O Nanak! 

** “Seen all around normally beyond human reach
In the isolated and in the remote world
Found modern fresh materialistic things
Of human use present there
But, there no human found or seen
Within reach of the wandering human
The human to presume the things
Of human and there human Exists  

Seen beauty, what not what in the world
Presumption: all must be within Command
Whose command?
The Command of Commander-God
All True of Him and within the Command
Existed, exists and ought to be existed
All True of Him and within His Command” 

Managed, being managed and ought to be managed
Whatever, existed, exists and ought to be existed
Within reach of human -soul or may not be so
All True of Him and within His Command
The Truth prevails and shall remain so
There is but one God


**The presumption part of the Poem is based on a reference to God heard.

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