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Beant Singh assassination case news From Burail Jail

Humiliation of Bibi Kamaldeep Kaur

What is the truth in it? Does denial not contradict the inflammatory news? Is the news was planted in a planned manner? If yes, then who are the culprits?

What was their motive for this planning? Does it to defame Balwant Singh’s family in eye of society? Is the inflammatory news meant to take personal revenge from Jail authorities at the cost and by degrading/ruining social status of Bibi Kamaldeep Kaur and her entire family? Or

Is there any other ulterior motive behind the humiliation of Bibi Kamaldeep Kaur and the inflammatory news? If the matter was not so serious, how it became first page news in some reputed newspaper and on websites?

Who bribed to whom to get the news published in this manner? It is a matter of common knowledge that it is not so easy to get news published in Indian Newspapers without influence and proper links.

The jail authorities seem to be busy in hushing up the matter instead of curtaining the truth behind this entire inhuman episode. The Burail jail authorities/officials are likely to harm, pressurize and victimize Balwant Singh’s sister and her husband Baljit Singh of their own or at the instance and with the connivance of planted informers who remain in touch with this case directly and indirectly.

Advocate Balbir Singh Sooch, Ludhiana was contacted by Burail jail authorities/official on his mobile phone no. 98143-34544 at 13:45 hrs on 10 August 2006 through Telephone No. 01722549429 after obtaining his contact number from the District administration, Ludhiana for and in search of Bibi Kamaldeep Kaur to get her statement recorded to cover up their own inhuman behaviour and of Burail Jail Staff as routinely experienced/faced by the prisoners, visitors and the advocates concerned.

The Sikh Vichar Manch is very keen to know the truth of the entire inhuman episode for further appropriate action.  

This information is being sent to all for meaningful inquiry and justice expeditiously in the matter keeping in view the questions raised above, with an assurance that guilty shall be punished suitably and no such inhuman act of provocation shall be repeated hereafter by the Burail jail authorities in a state of revengeful attitude as had been reported earlier also on many occasions.

Hope for the best in expectancy.

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