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Manipulation of Murder of Nasty by Agencies

A dark day in Indian history
Award of death sentence to Jagtar Singh Hawara and Balwant Singh today

The Judgment may have answer to the prayer   

Prayer for acquittal for all Innocent Accused in Model Central Jail, Chandigarh, (Burail)  

Who are behind and planned the genocide of Sikhs? 

After getting the Sikhs killed, shown disappeared, physically, financially, socially, morally and religiously ruined since 1978 onward and by then Chief Minister of Punjab, Beant Singh, the Indian agencies themselves prepared and manipulated the circumstances in a planned manner to eliminate the cruel, a spent force ‘Beant Singh’ and other innocents. 

Now the question must be first decided and investigated as who are genuine ‘Khalistanis’ said to be
the force behind the murder?

Hence without the answer, the accused should not be punished and they deserve to be acquitted immediately.

Thanking you

Balbir Singh Sooch
Chief and Spokesperson
Sikh Vichar Manch

July 31, 2007

  Mother’s silent prayer to God
(Ache of a mother facing injustice)

My son! I was assured
You are free from danger
Thinking! You are serving nation
Are you not a catalyst!
Between “Khalistanis” and my Sikh nation
Oh! I am ruined and similarly Sikh nation
Mother’s silent prayer to God 

Why did you serve against Sikh nation?
Who Khalistani! What Khalistani!
You know nothing! Who are Khalistanis
What a crime! You made to believe “Khalistanis”
No ideology! No support! No sympathy
Who made you all an agency as Khalistanis?
Leading ‘Khalistani words’ an excuse to kill Sikhs as whole

 Who planted you as Khalistani?
For sufferings all mine and Sikhs as whole
 It was all to divide and rule to ruin Sikhs as whole
Crushing Sikhs under garb of separatists as whole
Let it become true!  To be tit for tat!
God may not hide sin of sinner
It is my silence and prayer to God

Balbir Singh Sooch
Chief and Spokesperson
Sikh Vichar Manch

August 1, 2007

Manipulation of Murder of Nasty by Agencies

jflm dy kql dI eyjMsIaF dI GVI dfsqfn

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 bhuq KusL hF-bhuq hI KusL-asIN inrdosL hF,
hvfrf! suxfey PYsly nMU gwl nfl hI nkfr igaf hY.

 iswK df kMm nhIN Zih-ZyrI ho ky gwl krnI,
dusLmn vI jfxdf hY, dusLmn vI nyiVAuN pihcfndf hY,
sfzI dlyrI nMUU cMgI qrHF vrqxf jfxdf hY.

dusLmn bih igaf, sfzy nfl bx ky sfzf rfKf,
iPr kI sI? aMnHy boly jflm qoN sfzI nslkusLI krvf igaf hY.

 iewQy hI bws nhIN! aMnHy boly nUM hI jflm df Pqvf idvf ky,
eyjMsIaF ny GVI khfxI, jflm df kql krvf ilaf hY,
dusLmn afpxy afp nMU duwD-Doqf aKvf irhf hY,
iswKF nMU iswKF qoN hI Kud kql krvf igaf hY,
iswKF qoN ‘Kfilsqfn ijMdfbfd’ dy nfhry lgvf igaf hY!

iPr kI sI? aMnHy boly nMU hI jflm df Pqvf idvf igaf hY,
asl gwl qoN dUr rK ky! sfnMU sfizaF qoN hI mrvf igaf hY.

 aMnHy boly qy jflm qoN sfrf kMm krvf qy kZvf ilaf sI,
sfzy dusLmn leI, Aus jflm nMU mfrnf hI sI jrUrI,
ikAuN jo Aus ny sI hmysLf dusLmn nMU iTwT krnf.

Aus ny ijAuNdf rih ky, dusLmn df sI ijAuxf musLkl krnf,
kdI afh mMg, kdI aOh mMg! Aus dy twbr ny sI pMjfb ‘qy rfj krnf,
Aus nMU mrvf ky, dusLmn ny Aus qoN ipwCf Cuzf ilaf hY.

 iqMn dhfky iswKF dI nslkusLI krvf ky,
iswKF nMU iswKF qoN mrvf ky, iswKF nMU sLFq krvf ilaf hY.

 iewk XoDy qoN nfhry lgvf ky, dUjy dI mulfkfq idKf ky,
XoiDaF dy mrjI nfl PFsI df rwsf cuMmx df ZMzorf pfieaf hY,
BfeI suwKf qy ijMdf vFg pwky krn leI zrfmf rcfieaf hY.

 hvfrf! bhuq KusL hF-bhuq hI KusL-asIN inrdosL hF,
kih ky suxfey PYsly nMU gwl nfl hI nkfr igaf hY.

ieh XojnfbwD PYslf kuwJ nhIN jo igaf hY suxfieaf,
qwQF qoN hY kohF dUr! eyjMsIaF dI GVI khfxI nMU hI hY afDfr bxfieaf.

 ‘sUc’ nMU vI Xfd hY! hvfry nMU qF gwl BuwlxI hI nhIN,
hvfry dy ieqrfj ’qy jdoNy ijlHf puils muKI ny mMinaf,
 ik pVqflIaf aPsr brfmdgI qF shI pf hI nhIN skdf!

 eyjMsIaF afpxI vfh vfh leI pwkf kr rhIaF hn,
XoiDaF nMU qfhIN qF apIl nf krn leI.

JUTIaF eyjMsIaF dy nfl kIqy iekrfrF ’qy aYvNy Ps nf jfieE,
kfnMUn hY rwb df dUjf nF,
rwb df nF lY ky, kOm nMU kfnMUn dI pflxf df rfh isKf jfieE,
aYvyN eyjMsIaF dy hwQy cVH ky, kudrqI iensfP dy kfnMUn qoN KihVf nf Cuzf jfieE!!!

 hovygI Piqh jrUr! ivsLvfsL rwKo!
apIl, dlIl qy vkIl df aMq nhIN hoieaf,
cVHdI klf qy Piqh ivwc hI hmysLf ivsLvfsL rwKo.

 vfihgurU jI kf Kflsf!!
vfihgurU jI kI Piqh!!


blbIr isMG sUc, aYzvokyt, luiDafxf
muKI qy bulfrf, iswK ivcfr mMc
04 agsq 2007

Cry for Justice
Human Rights
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