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Indian Politicians Eggs of the Same Basket
Indian Politicians Spoiled Eggs of the Same Basket
By Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana 

Indian politicians are eggs of the same basket though projected in different parties, groups, colors, uniforms as a show of misguiding independent and open democracy and for the reason, the Indian democracy is known as one of the immature democracies of the World.  

Here in India nothing is much debatable within or outside parliament in the larger national interest of the country to achieve consensus except to fulfill the greed of members involved collectively or individually in any process. All meetings from top to bottom are of no worth as the purpose is welfare of self-interests of their own only.   

The self-interest and greed of left’s is guaranteed from within and outside simultaneously since long and whereas other politicians always had to cry within the basket only to meet their personal greed, needs and for the future requirements to keep enough safe money in the foreign banks etc of their choice in the name and at the cost of national interest. They must be looked after as per their hunger as they also spend a lot to get elected and re-elected and without end pass through the polluted process of elections in the immature democracy. 

The Indian politicians who know very well and taught in the set up as to what is the larger national interest, never defy the set democratic norms and adhere to all. They also know as to how far till the last moment, they had to carry on stretching the issue of national interest playfully till their unlawful desires fulfilled. Under the circumstances and watching their part in the play, who could say that the politicians are not selfish and have also not meanly developed politically. The N-deal is very likely to be accepted right away and thereby though India yet to prove.    

About the politics of opportunism, mostly masses are unaware of the politicians untold success story. Indian population is mostly backward, illiterate and kept falsely united in dark in face of unbearable sufferings increasing day by day those suites to the immoral and cruel politicians of India.  

Out of election days or season, the politicians eat together like pigs, attend luxurious parties and relax at very costly tourist spots under tight security without attending any issues of national interest like eradicating the poverty, looking after the welfare of farmers and weaker sections, enhancing pay and allowances of salaried persons and pensioners in face of rising prices, lingering on N-deal and other issues of  importance namely sustainable stability, development and peace including healthy living and education for all, continuously required to be adequately attended by government of India.  

They (the politicians) mainly utilize their leisure period conspiringly for creating dissatisfaction and discontentment among masses and to divide people of all communities, sections and groups for diverting the attention of people from their own misdeeds, corrupt practices and all sorts of scandals.  

Finally like rainy frogs, the politicians appear with false promises and start croaking and singing their own praises for votes using muscle power etc in election season and it all goes on unnoticed and unchecked in independent India. 

Whenever, there is any proposal and demand by the conscious  people for clippings the wings of politicians through legislation or otherwise, they come down on one side of the fence but at the same time never tolerate to see masses, the communities, sections and groups etc come so together and they (the politicians) succeed to create division in the masses to their own satisfaction on one pretext or the other with help of their stooges etc very cheaply available in India to do anything to disturb the peace within and elsewhere. 

For the reasons, everybody even dreaded criminals, illiterates, inexperienced and useless wish to be politician by hook and crook under different heads in the field in India. 

Whosoever is not in favour of raising the salary of salaried class, doing so not only to maintain the status quo of corruption permanently but seems further planning mischievously to raise the corruption level in the system. With the result, almost all the salaried class and similarly others leaving a few exceptions suffer as sandwich ought to opt for corrupt means in the system encouragingly. It is already reported that the government is not likely to accept their genuine demands for enhancing their salary and benefits satisfactorily in the garb of ‘Sixth Pay Commission Report’. The net result ends in the continuous unchecked sufferings of population of unmanageable India. 

Let us take the case of accepting N-deal; In the context as explained above, almost all are behaving like the true Indian politicians in resisting and delaying the N-deal except Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India who is oddly being blamed though he is the only person who understands and looks forward in the national interest and working sincerely and determinedly without caring for the politics as is the case in hand of immediately acceptance of N-deal. In case the deal fails, the Indian politicians would be remembered as spoiled eggs of the same basket in the World. 

Date: Jun 29, 2008 3:17 PM (Already emailed on this day)

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