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State Terrorism - LTTE Tigers and Khalistanis

Sikh Vichar Manch Condemns Taliban Violence

Published:  May 03, 2009

State Terrorism - LTTE Tigers and Khalistanis
By Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate,

The similarities and differences

1. In both cases, let me first bow my head before the warriors who sacrificed wittingly or unwittingly for the cause, though their sacrifices were/are cashed by the Indian government sponsored and named militants. The people acted under the garb of different names like parties, committees, associations, organisations, intelligentsia etc of either form submitted to follow the dictates of central agencies especially trained and meant for achieving the desired results.

2. The LTTE Tigers used their own Tamils i.e. the civilians - as human shields in Sri Lanka as breaking news show this is still true, whereas Sikh militants never did so.

3. Indian security forces used civilians, especially villagers as human shields but the Sikh warriors died or escaped unharmed bravely after proving their skill in such encounters which is a matter of record and they (Sikhs militants as warriors) will always be remembered in history.

4. But, the Sikh Vichar Manch could not restrain and appealed, "Please don't inhumanly treat 'LTTE Tigers' in custody as were Sikhs treated and eliminated in India and the maltreatment to Sikhs continues, though tactically. Presently, the civilians and 'LTTE Tigers' including Sri Lanka forces involved are facing very hard situation in the specific field area and they need all humanitarian help. Please all concerned must intervene for help, peace and justice." UN actively provided the same and continuing to do so.

5. The LTTE Tigers were prepared to fight for the liberation of their people in order to control and disintegrate the other country i.e. Sri Lanka, whereas the Sikh struggle planned to weaken the Akalis and degrade Sikhs religiously for the political reasons and also for the illusion of Sikh Sovereignty in connivance with the traitors.

7. The surrender of LTTE Tigers is real, but the Sikh fighters were always first captured then shown surrendering in stage managed dramas.

8. At the end, the LTTE leadership no longer has the option of fleeing to another country whereas the remaining Sikh militants named most-wanted, black listed and Cats made to flee to other countries with an understanding and, they and their associates-supporters were/are being supported and rewarded out of Gurdwara offerings - Khalistan funds by the central agencies.

9. The LTTE Tigers and so named Sikh militants misbehaved with the civilians and both kept the respective population terrorised at the instance of their masters.

10. Both were taught to adopt undemocratic means and kill opponents and innocents whenever instructed or directed to do so.

11. LTTE Tigers are in process to be destroyed by the government of Sri Lanka, making them incapable of revival for the nefarious designs and the future of their survivors is uncertain. But, so named Sikh militants fallen in lap of central agencies and are kept in reserve.

12. Prabhakaran and his comrades were prepared only to continue the war and they never stood for peace. On the other hand, the main functionaries of "Sikh movement of Khalistan" were assigned specific tasks to do, for a specified period then surrender as posing 'Sikh Heroes' now being identified as most-wanted, black listed and Cats within and outside India.

13. LTTE tigers would always be used as the Tamil card in the democratic process in Tamil Nadu. The main functionaries of "Sikh movement of Khalistan" as existing today will never participate in democratic process to harm the main central parties as presently congress as a ruling party is being considered the only genuine national party for them or they would be asked to be away from the democratic process for fear of their exposure. However, they will or some individuals out of them may be kept in the field harming Sikh interests and showing them supporting democratic process if they appear to be an effective alternative to the Akali party and the SGPC.

14. LTTE tigers were trained initially to be sincere and sympathetic with their people i.e. Tamils. The surviving named Sikh militants including most-wanted, black-listed and cats among modern Sikhs "true Sikhs", as they are directly or indirectly dealing with 'Guru's Golak' i.e. 'Guru's Charity Box' and were asked to carry on grinning but must look like militants in behavior and actions especially with the Sikhs as I personally interacted with such militants and experienced.

16. Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal's party, Akali Dal shall never or may occasionally project its fundamentalist and unpatriotic face for political bargaining only. The Chief Minister will only say the "Khalistan" movement was also the creation of the Congress (may not be ready and willing to name and blame Indian central agencies in this case and thus shall always suppress the truth and similar is the case of 'The Great Sikh Hope' men like Dr Manmohan Singh within Sikhs) which had specially invited Ganga Singh Dhillon etc from the US to launch the movement to defame the Akalis and CM shall always stress more on communal harmony in Punjab to influence the voters without naming insiders, so named Sikh militants with the idea, to bring them in main Sikh mainstream. That's why they, (Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal and Dr Manmohan Singh), would always be known as wonderful personalities.

17. The militants, who survived have a shameful future in the eyes of law abiding people and the people who appreciate the democratic process of their respective communities/state. However, the Indian State can misuse them anytime as they will never have independent living and the decision makes power.

18. In both cases, the control was centralized, the LTTE tigers seem to be functioning directly under the centralized command of expert intelligentsia (generalists) whereas the Sikh struggle was centrally supervised to achieve fatal results, functioning under the specialists as modern Sikhs "true Sikhs" as stated, not generalists. They also include some illiterates along with trained imported intellectuals from other states to Punjab in the garb of Sikhi and the administration was/is mainly controlled by all means by Non-Sikhs with a different mask.

19. LTTE Tigers communication network was more effective as they were fighting to disintegrate the other country. But, on the other hand, after the warriors, the dummy protests were allowed by Sikh named militants who participated openly and silently in the genocide of Sikhs in India. Why are they being projected so deceptively and by whom?

20. After LTTE Tigers defeat, the role of surviving LTTE cadre is yet to be seen but the protests by surviving named Sikh militants are not being taken seriously by government for the maltreatment of Sikhs in India. The Indian state has provided the elements a space to function, issue pamphlets, organise seminars etc. In fact, it is generally known that many of these so called panthic organisations are routinely used by the police to issue statements... In many cases, the press hand-outs are prepared by the police and merely distributed to the selected media in their name for glorifying them. They are taught to observe teachings of Sikh religion more in breach than in practice.

21. For many reasons, it is rightly said, "The thieves, bad characters, rascals, rogues, ruffians and gangsters are headmen of communities (Chor Uchakke Te Chaudhary Gunde Ne Pardhan) said by Daler Mehandi, the prominent singer who faced police brutality for refusing to pay a heavy bribe to the police in bargain for not involving him in criminal case(s)".

22. It seems the whole world knew and India realized in particular that it was wrong and deceptive to kill and wipe out Sikhs inhumanly on one side, for the elusion of their Sikh sovereignty, and on the other hand, encouraging and supporting the liberation movements in neighboring countries and within by all means to cause unrest and disturb peace there always as per choice and option. For example, as India acted so far in the case of LTTE tigers in Sri Lanka etc. Was India not exposed and isolated in the world for the reasons of her deceptive and inhuman policies? Now, Indian coastal security agencies are on high alert. What for?

23. Now, the war in Sri Lanka is coming to an end after the hardships the armed forces and the country faced. Double standard politics is at its peak. The LTTE Tiger faced defeat after a 26-year fight for a separate Tamil homeland in Sri Lanka and had only small number of fighters holding out in a strip of land on the northeast coast at the end but Sikhs were and are facing defeat daily in India.

24. Is it a well known fact that at one time Europe in general and Sweden in particular were instrumental in supplying arms to LTTE as India did? It is unknown as to who was supplying arms to Sikh militants.

25. There is no dearth of good people on 'Earth'. But, we expect always more than geology and divinity like scientists and theologians. After the ceasefire, the political situation in Sri Lanka and elsewhere should prove better than India.

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UN, US, UK and other powerful countries take notice of all these highlights including the similarities and differences to bring peace and provide true justice in the world?

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Submission before the terrorists of the World

 “Terrorism has always an end but the State Terrorism never ends. If terrorists don’t wish to be humans then it is better for them to be with the State.” Submission by Balbir Singh Sooch   

“That the abuse of detainees in our custody is prohibited and will not be tolerated.” Said US President Mr. Barack Obama

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Sikh Vichar Manch Condemns Taliban Violence


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Why not to probe the entire diplomacy of terrorism in the world as to who were supporting the terrorists and as to how and why?


Submission by:

Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana

May 18, 2009

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