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Sikh Community Waiting for Justice
By Zaheerul Hassan 

Few days back hundred of emails have been received by me in response to an article “Pitching Sikhs against Muslims “written by me. One email out of these has forced me to present it for the consumption of my readers and attention of Indian newly elected Prime Minister DR. Manmohan Singh. The characters of the email have been changed for obvious reasons of hiding the identity of   the source.  The email reveled that eighty year’s old age Mrs. Balwant Singh of Amirtsar is still waiting for her 12 years son Balbir Singh who went to bazaar for buying bread (Chappaties) for her but fired   by the soldier of Indian force.

She doesn’t know that her son proceeded to bliss and will never come back .Whosoever invites respectable lady, she always says that “Merya Balbir Hawya Ga Te Akhtaya Khana Khanwa Gain “(let the Balibir come, then will have meal together). After this she picks up the photo graph of her son and starts kissing him madly. At times, starts crying   or giggling suddenly. The email’ senders   further added that condition of Mrs. Balwant kore made me sad and sob. Till the time he stayed there, she was keep on asking him that go to Bazaar and call her Balbir.  

The email made my day sad too and reminded me never ending Indian state terrorism against minorities.  The Indian brutality against minorities depicts the Barbarian era. A famous Indian Sikh scholar Balbir Singh Sooch truly said that “Terrorism has always an end but the State Terrorism never ends. If terrorists don’t wish to be humans then it is better for them to be with the State.”  Lt Col Prohit and his comrades are the exact translation of the mentioned quotation.  These terrorists were involved in storming militancy with the support of their mother agency RAW.   

Hindu rulers and their intelligence agencies have always tried to divert the world attention from the internal communal violence through targeting her neighbouring countries. Recently, The Indian Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh showed his concern over the displacement of 35 Sikhs Pakistani citizens living in Orakzai Agency were allegedly asked by Taliban militants to pay “Jaziya” for their protection otherwise leave the agency . But while showing concern Manmohan Jee has forgotten those two millions Sikh families which have been victimized on June 6, 1984. The wounds of the innocents Sikhs will keep on refreshing on June 6, each year and has ever lasting effects of the grieved families. Nobody’s knows that when Indian government will be able to control her notorious agency RAW from playing with the lives of minorities. The extremists Hindu Taliban are being backed by the wicked politicians of ruling party. They are making colossal efforts of elimination of Sikhs by using tactics of spreading hatred effects between Muslims and Sikhs too. The basic aim of government agencies always revolved to create rift between the Muslims and Sikhs since riots between them will provide chances to Extremists Hindu of killing two birds with one stone.  

 Hindu was the only beneficiary community since 1947 riots. They prepared the plot to eliminate Sikhs and Muslims communities because of their self generated fear of emerging of two more future states i.e. Muslim Bengal and Kalistan.  Hindus extremists have strong desire to convert India into “Maha Bharat “, which would be pure Hindu State.  The Extremists Hindu groups present in CBI and RAW are facilitating Hindu Taliban and are strongly in the opinion that either minorities living in India, should convert themselves into Hindu  or just leave the region.  That is the reasons Indian intelligence agencies are busy in defaming Sikhs and others minorities.  

In this connection a book “Soft target” written by two Canadian Journalists (Mr. Zuhair Kashmeri Brian McAndrew) unveiled the RAW conspiracy against Sikhs. The  book reveal that Indian intelligence blows its own Air India plane out of the skies over international waters to denigrate the Sikh nation and to muffle the voice of freedom for its reclamation of lost Sikh Sovereignty.   In this   tragic act of terrorism 329 people, mostly Canadians have been murdered through bombing. This act of terrorism was planed and implemented by RAW in June 1985. The blowing of the aircraft was planned at the occasion of first anniversary of Golden Temple and Holocausts of Sikhs.  Brij Mohan Lal and Surinder Malik were intelligence agents who were stationed in Canada at that time.

The former Chief of Indian Intelligence Bureau was the mastermind & member of RSS, involved in the Air India Plane bombing.  His mission was to Sabotaged & defamed Sikhs in Canada and all over the world. Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) was the agency that did a tremendous job of removing the curtain from the scene. The canadain agency chased the culprits’ right to the Indian embassy and consulates and ultimately alleged Ripudaman Singh Malik, 58, and Ajaib Singh Bagri, 55 – were acquitted by the Canadian judge from the charges of murder of 331 persons of Air India Bombing.

Brij Mohan Lal

Maloy Krishna Dhar
Indian Intelligence Agent

The former Chief of Indian
Intelligence Bureau

Surinder Malik

Thus it was proved that Indian security forces and its intelligence agencies found slaughtering Sikhs nation with a view to suppress their demands of Khlistan and reducing their overall population. The climax of Indian brutality was the Operation Blue Star conducted against Golden Temple from 4- 6 June 1984. Once the Military attacked on the holiest shrine of the Sikh religion simultaneously 38 other Sikh temples were also been embattled throughout Punjab. Over 20,000 Sikhs were murdered in these attacks. The assault in Golden Temple was without any warning. Heavy artillery, tanks, Howtziwer guns, and other mechanized weapons have been used against the innocent people. Surprisingly, the attack coincided with the religious celebrations on the occasion of the birthday of the Fifth Guru of the Sikhs. Guru Arian Dev himself was martyred while defending the dignity of the Sikhs.  

Two main conclusions emerge from this attack, firstly to humiliate the highest spiritual leader of Sikhs and secondly terrorizing, crushing Sikh nation, their dignities and their struggle for Khalistan Movement. According to the Amenity International Report of May 28, 2008 more than 250,000 Sikhs have been eliminated / tortured by Indian governments since 14 years. The report further mentioned that there had been gross violations of human rights, including Nandigram, in west Bengal, Kashmir and other parts of the India. It is notable here that since 1989 Indian forces and intelligence agencies have murdered more than 200,000 innocent Muslims including Kashmiris. 6300 women have been raped in various overt and covert methods of state terrorism.  

Sikhs want that the government should have taken actions against EX Minister Tytler, But Indian intelligence agencies RAW and CBI have declared him neat and clean in their biased investigations. Again in 2000, at the occasion of former US President Clinton’s visit Indian intelligence agencies planned riots against Sikhs in which 38 Sikhs have been killed and blamed was put on the local Muslims. But good luck to the Muslims, that Sikhs leaders came to know the actual plan and they rejected the phenomena of blaming Muslims in anti Sikhs riots.  The Sikhs read the underline of the said incident and never got up against Muslims in India.    Anyhow, almost complete Hindu politicians have cunning attitude toward the Sikh nation. Hindu played “Blood Holly’ with the Sikhs when Late Prime Minister Indra Gandhi was murdered. The famous Ex Minister Tytler sent an email to all locals Hindus leadership revealing that Khoon Ka Badla Khoon Se Lenge “. Thus, killing of Sikhs were started, their property was looted, women were raped, innocents children and Sikhs were dragged out of their houses and killed, Sikh’s shops/houses looted and then burnt. As per reliable resourced Over 3000, (some quote as high as 5000+) Sikhs killed in three days.  The worst episode was run on June 6, 1984.  The point to be noted here that Manmohan Sing (son of Sikh nation) failed to provide justice and has never tried to even console his community. The Prime Minster should know that there are many Mrs. Balwant Singh who are still waiting for their Balbir Singh on meals without knowing that they are no more there and killed by Indian Army and security forces.  These poor, innocent families are waiting for the justice from so called secular government which unfortunately   herself found involve in elimination of Sikhs. The enthusiasm, sincerity, loyalty of Sikhs nationalists towards their cause do dictates that emerging of Kahlistan on the world map is not far away. 


:. Sikh Community Waiting for Justice

Sikh community waiting for justice 

Sikh Community Waiting for Justice

Cry for Justice
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