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the pen is mightier than the sword
Was it a ‘Sikh Struggle’ or the ‘Elusion of Sikh Sovereignty’?
The repression continues though the style is changed.

The time has come to say good-bye—bye-bye-bye… the politics of deception in 21st century to enable people of India to interact and compete with the modern world. 

The present leadership irrespective of any party in the country is not in position to cop-up in the modern age with the intellect, they possess, though the presence of exceptions like Dr Manmohan Singh, a modern philosopher King of Plato and men out of young generation could not be ruled out.  

Now, ‘made up beliefs ought to be dumped’ under the changed circumstances following the example of Gandhi ji as stated by him in case of ‘Rama’ and ‘Cow’ and to read more link: Gandhi ji’s views about ‘Rama’ and ‘Cow’ 

The dummy protests by all those, only, who participated openly and silently in the genocide of Sikhs in India. Are they being projected so deceptively and by whom? Why? 

The protests by such elements are being taken non-seriously by government for the maltreatment of Sikhs since long in India. 

Indian state has provided the elements a space to function, issue pamphlets, organise seminars etc. In fact, it is generally known that many of these so called panthic organisations are routinely used by the police to issue statements…… 

In many cases, the press hand-outs are prepared by the police and merely distributed to the selected media in their name for glorifying them. They are taught to observe teachings of Sikh religion more in breach than in practice.

It is rightly said, “The thieves, bad characters, rascals, rouges, ruffians and gangsters are headmen of communities (Chor Uchakke Te Chaudhary Gunde Ne Pardhan) said by Daler Mehandi, the prominent singer who faced police brutality for refusing to pay a heavy sum of bribe to the police in bargain for not involving him in criminal case(s)”. 

Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana

April 17, 2009 

* Publisher and Printer: Founder President of Sikh Vichar Manch, Sardar Gurbhajan Singh Gill (Expired on 14 February 2005) and Deputy Superintendent of Police (Retired).












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